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Welcome to the Putting Lab

In 2009 Brian Connor opened the Putting Lab at the Golf Performance Centre to complete the services that are offered at Manchester Golf Club to golfers both in terms of the golf swing and the art of putting.

There are very few centres in the UK that can provide this level of feedback, information and service. This makes us specialists in our delivery of putting coaching & putter custom fitting.

Ben Hogan once said 'There is no similarity between golf and putting - they are two different games - one is played in the air and the other on the ground'.

Putter Fitting

Where else can you find such an extensive collection of Odyssey, Scotty Cameron, Bettinardi, TaylorMade and Ping putters to be fitted to YOU? There are at least 125 putters to try! At the Putting Lab we use Science and Motion or SAM putting software and video analysis to find the best putter to suit your stroke, create the best role, most consistency and to hole more putts.

The putter is the most used club in the bag and yet it is rarely fitted or fitted correctly. Professional golfers attribute a staggering 43% of their score to putting.

Yet the majority of us spend more time on the practise ground working on our driving skills and our iron play than we do on the putting green. There is no doubt that those players who identify that the strength of their putting game is crucial to their scoring ability, are giving themselves the best opportunity for improvement. If you are one of these players then the Putting Lab is here to help.

The Putting Lab is fitted with the very latest technology to help you improve your putting this includes the SAM Putting Lab, V1 Digital technology and an indoor putting green.

There are a few things to consider. Putter fitting is not just for professional golfers. By having your putter adjusted to match your build and unique swing stroke you can improve your putting stats. Off-the-shelf putters are not designed for optimal putting as they are built on the mass production principle of one-size fits all. It is possible to putt the ball straight with an ill-suited putter, but the odds are stacked against you when it comes to consistency.

When you are choosing a putter this is what you should be looking for:

Make sure the putter is the correct length to suit your personal height and physique.

Make sure the putter is set at the correct lie angle to suit you.

Never have a static putter fitting always be fitted dynamically as this is in real time and mirrors what you would expect out on the golf course.

Putter off set, this means whether the shaft of the putter should be in front of the face of the putter or any where to just behind the putter face, get this wrong and this can make a considerable difference to aim and putter face square at impact.

Consider putter loft, again this can only be carried out accurately being fitted dynamically.

The weight of the putter is a very personal thing but is extremely important in maintaining the correct feel for the player and getting it wrong will make maintaining rhythm much more difficult. Can affect long putts significantly.

The balance of the putter must suit your personal stroke mechanics again this should only be assessed with a dynamic fitting which will assess what will work best for you.

Insert or no insert again this can only really be carried out correctly by dynamic fitting, by doing this you can see and feel exactly what is happening and the science behind it does not lie!

Putter grip size must suit your hand and finger size but not only that the grip material, density, elasticity and quality are often over looked and can make the putter have a totally different performance.

Putter fitting will not correct a poor setup and stroke it will only make it "less bad". The answer to this is to improve your putting technique. The goal here is to find a method that is simple, swings the putter in a consistent arc and strikes the ball in the same spot on the face every time.

Add to this putting drills to improve touch and feel and advice on how to develop a consistent pre shot routine and you are on your way to improving your putting.

The following packages are offered to customers who attend the Golf Performance Centre and Putting Lab

GPC Putting Lab Session  
1 Hour Session £49.00
GPC Trackman and V1 Video Session  
1 Hour Tuition £49.00
30 Minutes Tuition £29.00
Trackman Combine £30.00
GPC Trackman Fitting  
1 Hour Fit £29.00
2 Hour Fit £49.00
Wedge Fit £19.00
Club Gapping Session £30.00
Full Bag Fit £100.00

Mike from Blackpool visited the Putting Lab and Golf Performance Centre. Jokingly he described himself as 'a basket case' with regard to his putting. Mike had sometimes been throwing in 45+ putts per round but the rest of his game was in really good shape. Following a one hour session in the Putting Lab he said, 'I feel like a complete golfer now!'

This was what another customer had to say after having a putting lesson.

'Thanks for the excellent putting lesson - had a personal best gross of 75 yesterday with only 24 putts!'

Steve Royle

When we opened the Golf Performance Centre in 2009 our vision was to create a complete service for amateur golfers who simply wanted to take their game to the next level. Prior to using our services many customers felt that they could only aspire to be a better player because they didn't have the same sort of facilities that professionals have on tour to help them make the right decisions for their game.

Others had made bad decisions by purchasing ill fitting golf equipment that had ruined their game and cost them a great deal of money.

Our Club Fitting Centre has been dubbed by industry professionals as 'The best fitting centre outside of the Belfry', compliment indeed but we knew that there was still someway to go. Now that our Putting Lab is open I believe that our facilities are complete as we now have the ability to provide five star assistance in all areas of the game.

So what makes our setup unique? Both the Golf Performance Centre and the Putting Lab are supported by the best companies in golf and our mission is clear - Fit the customer to the product that best suits their game irrelevant of brand AND if we can't improve on a customer's own clubs or putter don't sell anything!

To speak to someone about the Putting Lab or the Golf Performance Centre please call 0161 655 3668.


Improve your putting

In the same way that the angles created during the golf swing impact on the outcome of a golf shot. The same is correct in putting.

We all have individual putting traits but there are a number of constants that can affect our putting. If the toe of the putter is not level and is either up or down, it can immediately misdirect the ball off line. If the individual's putter is not square at impact, it can also immediately misdirect the ball off line. If the loft of the putter is wrong (most putters have 4 degrees loft), the ball can immediately go airborne or be driven into the ground, which will cause the ball to bounce.





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'Our aim is to offer amateur golfers the opportunity to be the very best that they can be.'