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Putting Aids

At the Putting Lab at Manchester Golf Club we have a variety of Putting Aids to help you to develop a solid and repeatable putting stroke. Here are just a few.


Robocup is an automatic ball return robot that fits in any practice or full depth cup. It is the only devise designed to work on any practice green! With its innovative patent-pending design, you can save both your time and your back. When your practice putts drop in the hole, RoboCup shoots them back to you at distances of upto 14 feet. Use RoboCup Caddy Cord around the hole and even missed putts get fired back to you. The Pros know it - RoboCup is such an effective tool, they're using it on Tour practice greens.

Large Putting Mirror

With the putting mirror you can easily use the mirrored surface to check that your eyes are over the ball, shoulders are lined up, the putter face is square as well as get feedback as to your body movement and putter path during the stroke.


Step 1 - Precision Alignment to target line

The first step in using the mirror is to accurately align it to your target. Step behind the mirror and aim the centre black line exactly at the target. The smaller your target, the more accurate your alignment will be.
Take your stance over the ball.

Don't be surprised if your eyes try to tell you your line is off. You may have been seeing incorrectly for years!

Step 2 - Eyes over the ball

Look down at the ball. Your eyes should be directly over the ball and the centerline. This could take some adjustment in

Your posture
The position of your hands at address
Your distance from the ball.

Step 3 - Square putter face to target

Square your putter face to the target line.
Use the line directly behind the ball as your reference. You should be able to see the line directly in front of the putter blade.

Step 4 - Shoulders square to target line

Since the putting motion is a rocking of the arms and shoulders, the shoulders need to be lined up to the target
Look at the bottom of the mirror nearest your feet. You should be able to see the tops of both shoulders.
If you see only your back shoulder, you are open to the target line. If you see only your front shoulder, you are closed to the line
Watch your shoulders as you make a stroke. Are they moving back and forth down the line.

Step 5 - Learn from your reflection

Watch your shoulders and head position during the stroke. If the reflection moves in the mirror then your body is moving while watching your shoulders will reveal the plane of your your shoulders rotation

RoboCup was awarded "Best New Product" by PGA Merchandisers of the Year at the 2009 PGA Merchandise Show in Orland, FL


Returns the ball 14 feet or more, depending on green speed.
Operates on 4 AA batteries, lasting over 12,000 putt returns.
Fits in practice of full-depth cups.
Comes with protective zipper case for storage
Comes with RoboCup Caddy Cord




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