Putting Drills

Putts between 4 and 6 feet are ones that we expect to make most of the time. But research tells us that touring pros make only about 50-percent of their 6-foot putts, so the average golfer should not get too frustrated when their percentage is lower. However, with intelligent practice, we can do something to increase our success rate on this length of putt.

How to Practice

Take 10 balls and line up a straight putt of about 4 feet. It is important to
practise a straight putt, because then you need only focus on the stroke and not on the break. Obviously, if you miss a straight putt you will know that you made a bad stroke; if you miss a breaking putt, you might have made a good stroke but just had the wrong speed. So it's important to pick a straight putt for this drill.

Lining Up

Don't miss your opportunity to line your putt up properly on the golf course . Some players use the putter to help them to gauge the contours of the green. Some will pace the green and view the putt from a variety of angles - others will resort to lying down on the green as this method works best for them.

Whatever your preferred method always use your time on the golf course to best advantage.

The ability to read the correct line and speed of a putt is an important skill to develop. Keep the following pointers in mind.

Control the speed of your putt

The quicker the ball is rolling, the less the ball will break

The optimum pace to hit a putt is one that takes the ball 15 inches to 17 inches past the hole. This pace will enable the ball to holds its line.

As the ball begins to lose pace gravity will then start to pull the ball along the contour of the green therefore pace and alignment are of equal importance.

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