The Putting Mind

The Putting Lab at Manchester Golf Club is designed to address every aspect of putting to help golfers achieve the very best from their game. One of the most important factors in putting is the Putting Mind. Brian is a Mind Factor coach trained by Dr Karl Morris and uses these developed skills on a day to day basis with his students.

Golf is a very unique game in that in a typical four hour game of golf, only a very small proportion of this is actually spent taking shots. Between shots your mind can wander, and if you’re not having the best of rounds quite quickly your chin can literally go down which can put you in a very negative emotional state for playing golf. This is not ideal!

Golf psychology helps us control our emotions, which in turn can help us control our physical bodies. This can affect all parts of your game, but is particularly important when you are putting since the smallest of changes can cause you to miss.

Things to remember

Have a strict and consistent routine before every putt. When you’re faced with a real pressure putt, don’t change anything in your routine. Don’t take an extra practise swing, don’t have another look at the hole – just repeat your consistent routine.
Remember – you are trying to hole every putt, once you have read the putt and picked your line, commit 100% to it.

Think about the things you can control. You can control your routine. You cannot control the condition of the greens.
Remember some good putts that you have holed in the past and this will give you confidence.

You must realize that missing putts is part of golf and always ask yourself, “what can I learn from that putt?

Stay in the present moment. Don’t think about the last putt that you missed, or the tee shot you’ll be facing after this putt, stay in the present.

When you practice remember that putting is largely down to perception - some days the hole feels like a dustbin lid and you hole everything - but the hole stays the same! Next time you practice try putting to a tee instead of the hole - if you can hit that tiny tee - imagine how big the hole will feel when you get out on the course!

If you get nervous when you are out on the golf course and feel your heart pumping when you have a crucial putt - then you should try to simulate this feeling when you are practice putting. All you need to do is to jog on the spot for 20 seconds - increase your heart rate and then try to putt. If you can hole your putts on the putting green with an increased heart rate you will be able to do the same when you are on the golf course!

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