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Putting Technique

Putting is the final step in completing a hole and it can make the difference between a good round and a terrible round of golf. To be able to get your ball into the hole in a minimum number of strokes often depends on your putting skills. Putting is a difficult technique requiring a lot of practice before you can master it. Besides the techniques of the Putting Swing you will also need to be able to read the green.

Reading the Green helps you in deciding how much force you need to put on your shot. In reading, you need to consider the slope of the green, the length of the grass, the direction of the grain and the wind direction and speed.

To be able to Putt well, you should maintain a still and relaxed body and use a Pendulum-Like Swing using only your arms and your shoulders. In order to Putt correctly, follow the following steps when you Putt - in practice or in the Green:

Putting Grip. Grip your club using either a modified overlapping grip or a cross handed grip whichever is comfortable for you. If your wrist bends as you hit the ball, the cross-handed grip is best for you.

Set up with your ball in line with your belt buckle and nose. Make sure your are directly over the ball.

Develop a comfortable stance making sure that you can freely move your arms. A long-shafted Putter is a good choice if you have a hard time keeping your hands and wrists steady throughout the Putting Stroke.

Think of a pendulum on a grandfather clock and take your Putter about ten inches away from the ball then strike the ball. The closer you can come to taking your Putter straight back from the ball and swinging it straight through on a line, the better chance your Putt will go where you direct it.

Your follow-through should also go the same as your backswing. If you started ten inches from the ball, your follow-through must also be ten inches.

With all things equal, the ball will travel longer downhill and shorter uphill which means that you will have to develop good distance control. Try practicing with different distances in the backswing and the forward swing. This way you determine how far the ball will roll on the ground when a swing of a certain length is applied to it.

As in all things Practice makes Perfect so combine your time on the Driving Range with sufficient time on the practice greens.

The great thing about putting is that you are never too young to learn how to putt. Make sure that your youngster develops a sound putting stroke at an early age and they will have this for life.




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