How can Science and Motion help your game?

Take a look at some of the information that you will see during a SAM analysis!

Padraig Harrington

You can have good weeks putting badly, and vice versa, but this machine is a great help with those things even a coach cannot see.

Hank Haney

So how do you create a process to diagnose and treat the yips – a problem many players won’t even admit they have? That’s where the Super SAM machine comes in. A team of German scientists and teaching professionals figured that the only way to cure the yips was to first discover exactly when, how and how much they happen in a stroke. That’s what their Super SAM machine does.

Science and Motion (SAM) - The Ultimate Putting Training System

The Science and Motion or SAM PuttLab is the ultimate putting training system. It is an analysis and training system based on an accurate ultrasound measurements. It analyzes the 28 most important parameters of your putting stroke and displays the results in easy to understand graphic reports so that you and your coach can understand how even the smallest problems may arise. Discover your individual strengths and weaknesses for a better and more efficient training.

Within seconds the system gives you an individual feedback on your putting strokes. The analysis reveals even the smallest details of your movements and allows you to develop improvements and training strategies. SAM PuttLab utilizes ultrasound sensory analysis and therefore is far more exact than any other similar system on the market.

David Leadbetter (World Renowned Teaching Professional):

The SAM PuttLab provides insight into the putting stroke with a level of precision unlike any other technology. The successful use of the system in my work with PGA tour players confirmed the high efficiency of this excellent feedback tool.




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