Studio Select Kombi

The Scotty Cameron Studio Select Kombi™ putters add advanced mallet designs in Standard (33", 34", 35"), Mid (42" 43", 44") and Long (48", 50") models to the Studio Select family.

Studio Select Kombi putters feature Studio Select weighting technology to ensure proper headweight-to-length properties and provide multiple length options per model while locating the CG deep to stabilize the putter throughout the stroke for a great roll and unmatched feel and sound.

The player-preferred shape flows into the ground from topline to rear, giving the Studio Select Kombi putters a pleasing look in the playing position. The clean, misted topline with high-contrast T-shaped sightline reduces visual thickness and makes face alignment easy. Additionally, Studio Select Kombi putters feature a clean, double-bend stepless shaft with a full shaft of offset for an unobstructed look at address.

Studio Select Kombi H putters, available in 34" and 35" models, feature a heavier head (+10g) to provide a heavier feel preferred by some players. Studio Select Kombi H models are custom built at Titleist and are differentiated by a special Circle H shaft band.


Kombi (RH & LH)
Kombi Mid
Kombi Long
Kombi S (RH & LH)


Precision milled 6061 aircraft aluminium (Kombi) or 303 stainless steel (Kombi S) body with factory adjustable Studio Select weighting technology.

Studio Select

The Scotty Cameron Studio Select family of precision milled 303 Stainless Steel Newport-style putters features bold red tour graphics, an improved high toe profile, and heel & toe circular sole weights that allow for multiple length options in each model.
The circular heel-toe weights provide increased stability by reducing head rotation on off-center impacts for a larger sweet spot. The factory adjustable weights are set to provide the proper headweight-to-shaft length combination.

The improved high toe profile of Studio Select helps eliminate the tendency to raise the toe at address thereby causing the player to aim left of target. Studio Select also features a stepless shaft for a clean look at address and soft but solid feel, as well as a new red Cameron cord grip.

Studio Select H putters feature a heavier head (+10g) to provide a heavier feel preferred by some players. With the addition of Studio Select H, available in 34" and 35", the Scotty Cameron Studio Select line can now be fully customized for length, weight, lie angle and grip type. Studio Select H models are custom built at Titleist and are differentiated by a special Circle H shaft band.


Newport 2 (RH & LH)
Newport 2.5
Newport 2.6
Fastback 1.5
Squareback 1 (RH & LH)
Squareback 2
Laguna 1.5


Precision milled 303 Stainless Steel body with factory adjustable Stainless Steel heel & toe circular weights.

Scotty Speaks

Different golfers require putters of different lengths, weights, body and neck configurations," said Cameron. "However, most putter heads are only weighted for 35-inch shafts and therefore, are much too light for shorter lengths, or too heavy for longer lengths. Too often, the same heads are placed in shafts of all lengths. The result is the golfer having to hit at the ball instead of being able to stroke the ball, and that creates distance control problems. The Studio Select putter line delivers a wide range of specifications and options, designed to accommodate a wider range of golfer requirements."


Scotty Cameron California putters were born from timeless, tour-proven designs and the modern weighting technology that has made Scotty Cameron Studio Select putters so successful. The Select technology Scotty introduced with the original Studio Select putter line has been incorporated into the new California line of putters as well, providing a wider range of choices for length and weight to enhance performance for a wide range of putting strokes.

Cameron California putters are precision milled from soft 303 stainless steel and fitted with circular weights in the heel and toe that allow each model to be offered at 33", 34" and 35" lengths well as 34"H and 35"H heavier weight configurations. The new line features four models - Coronado, Monterey, Sonoma and Del Mar - characterised by blade as well as mallet-style heads and two different neck styles. In combination, the different options make it easy for players to choose a Cameron California putter with the appearance they prefer, the length and weight they need, and a neck configuration that provides the proper amount of toe flow during the stroke.

The California line is distinguished by a unique "Honey Dipped" finish. The natural bronze finish is actually neither "dipped" nor plated, but rather comes from a heat-treated process that is part of the head manufacturing process. The result is a rich bronzed appearance that looks great in natural light while reducing glare.

Each Cameron California putter features a draft sole design that keeps the putter square in the playing position for proper alignment and a high toe set-up that reduces the tendency for players to raise the toe and aim left of target.


Del Mar (RH & LH)


Precision milled 303 Stainless Steel body with factory adjustable Stainless Steel heel & toe circular weights.

Scotty Speaks

"I am extremely excited about the acceptance and feedback that I have received about the California family of putters," said Master Putter Craftsman Scotty Cameron. "This line brings modern playability and customisation to some of my favorite designs from my early Classics and Handmade models. Players who prefer the more flowing, less geometric lines of the Coronado or the Del Mar are now going to find that they don't have to sacrifice performance. With the wide range of weight and length options that we now have available, players can get a perfect fit for their stroke as well as their eye."

Which Scotty Cameron putter fits your game?

Scotty Cameron by Titleist putters are tour-proven instruments of uncompromised feel, looks and performance. Notably prominent across the worldwide professional tours, Cameron putters have been the top choice of more players and more winners on the U.S. PGA TOUR for more than a decade. As the NorthWest's largest stockist of Scotty Cameron putters we are an approved showcase centre. We have a huge selection of Select and Futura putters in a variety of sizes, weights and l/h and r/h.

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